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Built by and for musicians, the well-loved T-Rex Replica delay pedal serves up virtually everything demanding guitarists could want in a delay, which perhaps explains why guitar heroes from John Mayer to Pete Townsend turn to the Replica to help yield their sound. The Replica features a brilliant toggle-switch tap control. It embodies all T-Rex Engineering stands for: exceptional tone, perfect feature set, and intuitive design. The Replica could be the only delay pedal you will need for a lifetime of beautiful music.

Brand: T-Rex


  • Toggle switch tap control feature to set your delay rate to the tempo of the song on the fly
  • Tubey warm analogue tone that brings out the best in your natural tone without overpowering it
  • Echo, repeat, tempo and level knobs allow precise control
  • Brown toggle switch cuts high frequencies on repeats to perfectly simulate the tone of a 60’s era tape echo
  • Includes toggle switch to alter the delay’s subdivision parameter from 1/4 to 1/8 triplets

Publisher: MusicQuip

Release Date: 05-03-2009

Details: T-REX Replica Digital Delay with Active Tap Tempo, Subdivision and Brown Controls as well as Echo, Repeat, Tempo and Level Knobs for Precision Fine Tuning.

UPC: 692000295533

EAN: 692000295533

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