TC Electronic Bonafide Buffer

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TC Electronic

Joining TC Electronic’s renowned collection of mini pedals, the Bonafide Buffer is another essential tone tool that will help you win the battle against treble loss due to massive pedalboards and lengthy cable runs. This no-frills pure analog buffer provides you with a 1K ohm output and 1M ohm input so your instrument’s signal can flow freely through your chain. You get an unaltered and transparent tone just like you would when you connect directly to your amp. The Bonafide Buffer serves as your natural gateway to a strong tone.

Brand: TC Electronic

Color: Black


  • High-quality analog buffer
  • Run long cables without any signal degradation
  • Power failure mode – automatically switches to true bypass if power gets cut
  • Ultra-compact design that’ll fit on or under any board

Publisher: Music Tribe

Release Date: 21-01-2016

Details: Adding to TC electronics popular range of miniature pedals, Bonafide Buffer is the new must-have tone tool that’ll help musicians win the battle against the treble-loss introduced by long cable runs and massive pedalboards. This no-nonsense all analog buffer offers a whooping 1M ohm input and a 1K ohm output so your instrument’s signal Can flow free and untroubled through your entire chain, leaving you with a completely transparent and unaltered tone, just like you would if you plugged straight into your amp. And with an extremely low signal-to-noise Ratio, Plus an intelligent bypass relay that automatically switches from buffered to true bypass if power gets cut, Bonafide Buffer is the natural gateway to an always strong and unaltered tone.

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