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Revered for its exceptional clarity and raw power, the V1 Triangle by Vick Audio is an incredibly musical distortion with plenty of sustain. The significant drawback of vintage Triangles was their extremely scooped mids. For this classic reproduction, Vick Audio incorporated a three-position toggle switch to let you select your preferred mids profile. The Triangles have slightly more sustain and brightness than most of the later variants that enables it to slice through the mix. The V1 Triangle is extremely articulate for leads while preserving enough crunch for rhythm work or power chords.

Brand: Vick Audio

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Vick Audio V1 Triangle Distortion The V1 Triangle is a very musical distortion with tons of sustain. It is known for it’s raw power and amazing clarity.
The major drawback of these early Triangles was that the mids were extremely scooped (as in flat or removed).  On this Vick Audio Classic Reproduction we have added a 3 way toggle switch to allow you to choose the mids profile you like best.
The Triangles are known to have a bit more sustain and brightness than many of the later versions that allows it to cut through the mix.  The V1 Triangle is very articulate for leads, while still keeping enough crunch for power chords or rhythm work. Vick Audio V1 Triangle Distortion Features: 3PDT True Bypass switch Neutrik Audio Jacks Powder Coated Enclosure Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack (power supply not included), no internal 9V battery clip Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA Custom graphics

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