Wampler Dracarys

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Inspired by the aggressive and brutal sound of Ola Englund, the Dracarys spews fire and fury like no other dirt stomp. This boutique distortion guitar effects pedal Wampler boss Brian Wampler perfectly captures Englund’s savage, modern, and high gain tone. Even more impressive, the Dracarys serves up a bevy of useable notes with unparalleled tonal clarity even when you crank the gain up. Whether you’re looking for extra chunky chugs or cutting shred tones, the Dracarys will deliver.

Brand: Wampler

Color: Dracarys Distortion


  • Inspired by the powerful sound of Ola Englund with searing gain, percussive low end, unparalleled note clarity
  • Nails today’s modern, tight, high-gain, cutting metal tone
  • Musical and useable tones throughout the range of each control
  • Detailed control of your tone with an active 3-band EQ
  • Gain switch offers Open (very amp-like and uncompressed) and Tight (quick low-end with added gain and punch) settings
  • Voiced to deliver everything from doom-style walls of gain to tones that cut with laser precision
  • Features convenient top-mounted jacks and true-bypass switching

Details: Built in the USA, the Tracery’s is a modern monster of gain – everything you love about high gain but with that contemporary depth, aggression, clarity and power to blow every other pedal away.

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