Wampler Ethereal

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Boutique guitar effects pedal maker Wampler set out to create an excellent ambient pedal that didn’t require three master’s degrees and a stack of manuals to use, and they succeeded with the Ethereal reverb and delay stomp. No crazy knobs, switches, or sliders, just clear, well-defined pots that let you dial in a wide range of heavenly ambient reverberations. And here’s a secret: the Ethereal has two delays inside it that let you come up with some really crazy sounds.

Brand: Wampler

Color: Ethereal Reverb/Delay


  • A delay that is as pure as you could want–with a time of up to 1s–and a reverb that is thick
  • Mixes them all up and puts them together in one glorious effect while making it as easy to use and find those perfect tones as possible
  • Features two delays that can be layered on top of each other; tweak the 2nd delay in different patterns to create a perfect ambiance with strange and beautiful sounds
  • The trails button, when activated, lets delay patterns and reverbs sing out after switching off the pedal to control what you want to come back at you
  • Underneath the delay is a cavernous plate-style reverb–alive with character and shape–that can be brought in to exactly the right level to compliment the delay

Details: Wampler Ethereal Delay and Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

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