Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb

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With the Mini Faux Spring Reverb, boutique guitar effects pedal maker Wampler resurrects its discontinued but still very well loved Faux Spring Reverb pedal in a more compact form. It might be smaller, but the Mini Faux Spring actually cranks a lot of the original’s features up to 11. It has a longer decay time, more drippiness, and more spring reverb bounce. Wampler kept the control layout clear and simple, too, so it’s very easy to dial in the bouncy boings and springy shimmers you want.

Brand: Wampler

Color: Mini Faux Spring Reverb


  • A reimagining of our original Faux Spring Reverb condensed down into a mini enclosure to fit perfectly at the end of any chain
  • Despite a small size, it features more decay, more drippiness, and more of that bouncy spring tone players love in bigger reverb tanks
  • With an extended decay time, the Mini Faux Spring Reverb pedal serves up authentic tones that drip with boing
  • Thanks to an easy-to-navigate control layout, you’ll have your perfect tone pulled up in no time
  • Fits wonderfully on even the most cramped pedalboards, but is easy to throw in the back of your open-back combo when running in the amp’s effects loop

Details: The Faux Spring Reverb has been a staple on players boards for many years now. Since it was discontinued several years ago, Brian received countless requests to bring it back. Not being one to be content with just reissuing an older design, Brian upgraded the new Mini Faux Spring Reverb by incorporating more of what players love. More decay, more drippiness and more of that bouncy spring tone players love in bigger reverb tanks. While the Mini Faux Spring Reverb sounds bigger and fuller, the housing itself was condensed to a mini enclosure, allowing it to fit perfectly at the end of any chain or simply grab and go.

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