Xvive DynaRock T2

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If you’re looking for a no fuss plug and play drive pedal with great wide ranging drive tone, the Dynarock from budget guitar effects maker Xvive is a very viable candidate for that prime spot on your pedalboard. Crank it to the max and it still retains the single string note clarity that even some of the more expensive pedals can’t quite achieve. You get a harmonically rich tone that lets you cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter, full of tube-style warmth and wide open dynamics.

Brand: Xvive

Color: DynaRock T2


  • Sound designed by “STRAT KING” Thomas Blug, a great German musician, guitarist, musical electronic engineer and composer, DynaRock is one of Thomas Blue signature series pedals.
  • A distortion pedal with ultra high gain and great heavy tone.
  • With a balanced gain control, you can hear classic sound from each string.
  • Xvvie DynaRock also acts as a perfect boost pedal.
  • MID BOOST switch, boost mid frequency to stand out your solo tone.


Xvive DynaRock T2 is an open, dynamic and warm pedal which comes so close to the natural tone of tube amplifiers. Its ultra high gain and great tone are two phrases that aren’t ofen used to describe a single unit. Its distortion is different: it not only takes a lot more effort to get it screaming but still sounding harmonically rich, but also brings you great fat heavy distortion tone. With a balanced gain control, You can hear each strings perfectly play classics like the who, LED Zeppelin, AC/DC.DynaRock is not only a great boost pedal but also can bring you great solo tone with it MID BOOST function.


Input Impedance: 450KΩ
Output Impedance:

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