XVive V2 Distortion

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The V2 Distortion from budget guitar effects creator Xvive is a dirt stomp that goes from “kind of loud” to “Lord have mercy, that’s loud!” This tiny distortion pedal packs quite the high gain punch but has a wide enough gain range to be pretty versatile. You can dial in everything from a light crunch to utter saturation, all while retaining excellent dynamic response. The V2 Distortion features a 100% analog design and comes with true bypass switching.

Brand: Xvive


  • True bypass; volume/tone and gain knobs
  • Analog design; compact and rugged metal housing
  • Connectors: 1/4 input jack, 1/4 output jack
  • Power: 9V DC and center (-) 10mA

Details: XVIVE’s V2 is a high gain distortion micro pedal with easy tone, volume and gain control. It offers you a wide gain range, from light crunch to total saturation, wth excellent dynamic response. Durable all-metal housing.

EAN: 1700201309023

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