ZVex LO-FI Loop Junky

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The Lo-Fi Loop Junky from boutique guitar effects company Zvex is an all analog phrase sampler that records 20 second long loops in very low fidelity for extra juicy bit crushed lo-fi flavor. This lo-fi stomp’s frequency response is set to cut off at 2.6kHz. It features on-board compression, hiss, dirt, and a wicked vibrato feature that can make your guitar sound like it’s being played straight through the very first radio ever made.

Brand: Zvex


  • Hand-painted artwork
  • Records up to 20 seconds of your performance
  • True bypass
  • Real clocked-analog recording with no analog-to-digital conversion
  • LED status indicator

Publisher: ZVex

Details: Because the processing of your direct guitar is done with a specialized bootstrap circuit with the very highest impedance circuit ZVex has developed, your direct guitar will have detail incomparable with anything you’ve heard before. The juxtaposition of your direct guitar against the smashed, distorted, shimmering, warbling recording of the loop mechanism will make it clear once and for all who is the guitarist and what is the machinery.There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to this tiny, battery-saving looper pedal. You may only record one loop. There is no sound-on-sound available with this technology. But, if you unplug your cables, take out the battery, and bury it for a hundred years, the last loop you recorded will still be there when you drag yourself out of the grave and plug it in for the centennial resurrection gig. That’s because the ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky uses really bizarre technology that literally crams analog signals into static digital storage cells without analog-to-digital conversion. It’s pure analog storage, just like the old bucket-brigade technology, for 20 seconds straight.* This pedal is HAND PAINTED, as such no two will be EXACTLY alike. Your Hand Painted LO-FI Loop Junky may differ from the one pictured. Get your ZVex Effects Hand Painted LO-FI Loop Junky Guitar Effect Pedal from Sam Ash Direct today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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