ZVEX Vexter Double Rock

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Zvex’s dual channel Double Rock, which was originally designed for Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis, is actually two dirt pedals in one, and not because it’s basically a pair of Box of Rock pedals compressed into single stompbox form. You can actually turn either channel into a Super Hard On boost, meaning you get an amazingly wide array of dirt tones just by stacking the channels. Zvex’s Vexter line of silk-screened pedals feature the exact same tone, features, and parts as their hand-painted counterparts. The only differences are the painting process and the price.

Brand: Zvex

Color: Grey


  • Dual Channel Distortion/Boost PedalBoth channels switchable between Distortion and BoostEQ on both channelsThree-position mini-Toggle switch for Sub Contour on both channels

Details: This pedal was originally designed for J.Mascis. He requested two Box of Rock pedals in one box with two stomp switches. He uses it regularly now, but we did one (or two) better with the one we’re releasing to the public… we made it so you can adjust the sub frequencies (like the Distortron), and you can convert either channel to a Super Hard-On. In this way, you can configure the pedal to be two Distortrons cascaded, two Super Hard-Ons cascaded (like a Super Duper 2-in-1), or a Box of Rock with boost, or a Super Hard-On going into a Box of Rock. Distortion/boost heaven! Vexter Series pedals are lower priced, featuring silk-screened art. The parts inside Vexters are identical to the hand painted models.

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