Amptweaker TightRock JR

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The TightRock Jr is a high-gain distortion, which can be utilized as a preamp. It features a Tight attack switch and noise gate. The TightRock Jr pedal uses the same circuity and shares many of the tone-tweaking features offered by its bigger counterparts. To achieve its compact size, Amptweaker removed battery switches, lit controls, effects loops, and boost features that are unneeded by some players. Other product features include Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust your guitar’s attack, Gain, Tone, and Volume knobs, 9-18VDC operation, and true bypass switching.

Brand: Amptweaker

Color: Red


  • Gain, Tone, Volume controls
  • Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust the guitar’s attack.
  • Noise Gate knob, from subtle gating to hard stops
  • Plexi/Normal/Smooth EQ SW
  • True Bypass switching

Details: With ever-shrinking pedalboard real estate, a common request to Amptweaker has been for smaller footprint versions of our popular distortion pedals…..introducing the Amptweaker Jr Distortion Series. These pedals share most of the tone-tweaking features available on their larger counterparts, while eliminating effects loops, lit controls, battery switches and boost features that some players donâ€t need in order to shrink down the size and weight. Derived from our Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches were re-configured into a 3-position Fat/Normal/Tight switch to dial in the attack of the notes from thick and heavy to aggressive and chunky. An EQ switch similarly provides Plexi(Thrash on TightMetal JR)/Normal/Smooth tone settings, which helps the pedals cover much of the range of both their Fat and Tight parents. In addition to Gain, Tone and Volume knobs, thereâ€s also a manually-adjustable Noise Gate which can be cranked to stop notes hard and fast. And the great thing about a built-in noise gate is that it goes away when you turn the pedal off… your clean tone is unaffected!

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