Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

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The Dirty Little Secret is your always-on foundation pedal that brings the impact of a Marshall backline. This tour-tough, gorgeous pedal allows you to emulate the tone circuits of either the Marshall Super Bass or Super Lead stack. The Dirty Little Secret forms the core of your guitar sound which you may improve and embellish by adding filters, fuzzes, boosters, and other overdrives in front of it. You can leave it always on because you can achieve a clean sound by simply rolling back the volume knob of your guitar.

Brand: Catalinbread

Color: Gray


  • Super Lead: The ‘Super Lead’ mode gives you the great rock sound of a Marshall Super Lead amp with awesome harmonics, touch sensitivity, cab thumb, and kerrang.
  • Super Bass: The ‘Super Bass’ mode gives you the tone and gain structure of a Marshall Super Bass (which is very similar to a JTM45, JTM50/100, or very early plexi).
  • The Super Lead and Super Bass are two remarkably different amps, and so the DLS is essentially two pedals in one, not a two channel pedal.

Release Date: 17-02-2016

Details: The Dirty Little Secret gives you classic plexi to early 70s Marshall Super Lead and Super Bass sound and response. This is your ‘always on’ pedal, designed to be the foundation of your pedalboard, transforming any amp into those raging British stacks. It forms the core of your guitar sound which you can enhance and embellish by adding boosters, fuzzes, filters, and other overdrives in front of it – just like you would in front of a real amp. And the reason you can leave it always on is that you can get a great clean sound just by rolling back your guitar’s volume knob!

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