Catalinbread Echorec

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The Catalinbread Echorec is the reincarnation of the iconic Binson Echorec multi-head drum echo. Catalinbread tried to capture the Binson Echorec’s sound while avoiding the practical downsides. It crammed all the goodness of that big Binson Echorec within a standard-sized stompbox without losing anything that made it such a compelling musical device. Catalinbread also decided to expand its capabilities as the vintage Binson hinted at possibilities it failed to realize. The Catalinbread Echorec features a range of vintage delay machine textures.

Brand: Catalinbread

Color: Gold


  • The Swell knob controls the number of repeats regenerated – from a single repeat of each playback head to infinite repeats.
  • The Tone control tilts the EQ of the repeats from dark and fat to bright and thin. Dark settings makes the repeats sit in the background. Bright settings emphasizes the attack, great for playing off the syncopated rhythms of the multi-head arrangement.
  • The delay time on the Catalinbread Echorec goes from about 40ms -1000ms. And the cool thing is you can twist the Delay Time knob in real-time to get speeding-up / slowing-down, spaceship warp landing sounds!
  • Mix knob goes from full dry to full wet giving a lot of flexibility to use the Echorec in a variety of situations, even wet/dry rigs by setting the Mix full wet.
  • User-tunable modulation on the repeats that simulates the warble of the rotating platter. Or set more extreme to achieve new dimensions in chorus textures.

Release Date: 17-02-2016

Details: The resurrection of the legendary Binson Echorec multi-head drum echo. The Binson Echorec was so cool there was no choice but to bring it back. And Catalinbread wanted to bring it back right. They wanted to take all the goodness of that huge Binson Echorec and squeeze it down into a standard sized stompbox without losing anything. In fact, in addition to not losing any of the qualities that made it such a compelling musical device, Catalinbread wanted to extend its capabilities because the original Binson hinted at possibilities that it couldn’t realize.

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