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Before the souls in purgatory reach heaven, they need to atone for their sins and purify themselves. Similar to how Virgil guided Dante, the Purgatorio overdrive will accompany you to Lighter Sound than the ones you get from inferno distortion. This pedal is perfect for lost souls who see salvation in music’s emotions. The Purgatorio is a highly dynamic overdrive with Volume, Tone, and Gain knobs. Top-grade components, true bypass switch, and carbon resistors are among the specific choices made for the standard of Dophix pedals.

Brand: Dophix


  • Very dynamic Overdrive with three controls: volume, tone and gain. The effect allows a complete sound selection: from clean to crunch up to a soft distortion. The sound produced is conferred with a typical character, thanks to a full level control and ton
  • Input/output Jack from 6.3 mm 1/4 “placed sideways to the pedal.
  • TRUE BYPASS switch, carbon resistors and high quality components are one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals. The components are wanted in a project with electronic devices belonging to vintage series, elements that distinguish a c
  • 9 volts power supply DC through internal battery or external stabilized power supply.
  • Battery replacement is possible by removing the four screws on the bottom cover.

Details: The souls in purgatory are already hi, but before they get to heaven they must purify themselves and atone for their sins. Like Virgilio guide Dante, this Overdrive accompanies us to Lighter Sound compared to the ones we find in hell distortion. Suitable pedal for those lost souls who find salvation in the emotions of music. Dante’s Purgatory is divided into seven frames, in which theseven deadly sins are served. Lust and Superbia have inspired us to devise 2 alternative versions of overdrive purgatory.

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