Fulltone Full-Drive 3

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Thanks to its highly-successful 20th Anniversary limited run, the black Full-Drive 3 is here to stay. This NOS JRC4558D-powered overdrive guitar effects pedal from Fulltone serves up huge dollops of juicy crunch like it’s going out of style. Three voicings allow you to dish out everything from the ‘90s FD2’s thick, vintage dirt to a wider, more modern transparent sparkle. The Full-Drive 3 also features a discrete JFET clean boost, a germanium diode-based Limiting function for leveling out your tone, and an Order switch that lets you chose whether the Boost channel goes before or after the Overdrive section.

Brand: Fulltone

Details: Yet another pedal from Fulltone that you can’t live without! The FD3 is here to the rescue, giving you multiple gain stages with minimal tap dancing. It also stacks great with other pedals.First off, the foot-print is smaller so it can more easily fit on your ever expanding pedal board. It uses a real New-Old-Stock JRC4558D chip instead of the current production NJM4558 chip for ultra smooth clipping. It has a mini-toggle so you can change the order of the OD and the Boost. “After” takes whatever sound you have set and increases the Volume so you pop out of the mix. “Before” pounds the input of the Overdrive channel and increases the distortion, not really the volume…more like the FD2. There are two modes selectable with another toggle. “90’s” mode is the original FD2 voicing. Anything but transparent, it’s full of mids, and beautifully colors your tone. For a more open sound, switch over to the “Wide Asym” mode for a beautiful, chimey, more open sound.The Boost circuit does not invert the signal like most clean-boosts and can be used with or without the overdrive section of the pedal. It is completely independent; a discrete JFET Clean Boost with a Volume control and a unique mini-knob controlling Germanium Diode “Limiting” function that has to be felt to be really appreciated! Clockwise on this knob takes out the strident, irritating spikes that occur with other clean boosts when you hit the strings hard….absolutely gorgeous feature destined to be a classic and might just show up as a micro sized pedal called “2B.”

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