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The Colour Box by JHS Pedals gives you everything you need to emulate the signature tones of Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and others. It is a pure analog design that copies the input of an original Neve console. It is a versatile and powerful device for stage and studio, with inputs for microphones and instruments. It delivers a vibrant and musical sound. The Colour Box pedal lets you sculpt your sound in a way that is impossible with standard amps and effects.

Brand: JHS Pedals


  • Designed to imitate the unmistakable sound of plugging an instrument directly into a vintage Neve preamp
  • Studio grade circuitry and a Lundahl transformer makes this a preamp, EQ, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz all in one
  • The Master and Pre-Vol controls take tones from slight grit and warmth to heavy overdrive/distortion to gated fuzz
  • The Step control is a five-position switch that raises the gain of the two preamp stages simultaneously up to 39dB
  • Control the headroom of the unit so you can have cleaner tones or over-the-top distortion and fuzz
  • The EQ section is a powerful Baxandall-style EQ circuit so you can boost or cut Bass, Mids, and Treble to your needs
  • The Hi-Pass filter sweeps from 60Hz to 800Hz to remove muffled low-end or give you AM radio/garage type sounds

Publisher: JHS

Details: “Revolution” by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog,” U2, Spoon, Pink Floyd, Motown, Quincy Jones, Nirvana, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Tears For Fears, and Tom Petty (the list is endless), all feature the unmistakable sound of plugging an electric guitar directly into a Neve* recording console. The Color Box puts the tone of those legendary pieces of recording equipment into your guitar rig whether performing live or in the studio. By using 100% analog circuitry that is true to the design and schematic of vintage Neve* circuitry, we reproduced everything that makes the Neve preamps magical. The Color Box’s two gain stages are in series to produce beautiful clean tones and can also be pushed hard to destroy any signal into a beautiful fuzzy mess. But of course we didn’t stop there. With ¼” and XLR inputs and outputs, the Color Box can also cover all the ground that you would expect a high-quality studio preamp to cover. Whether you’re plugging in your microphone, bass, keyboard, electric, or even your acoustic guitar, make sure you have a Color Box close by.

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