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All the clear, clean repeats you want, at a rock bottom cost. The JF-08 Digital Delay guitar effects pedal from Joyo can serve up a wide range of delay effects, from quick slapback chops to cascading shimmers of sound. This budget-friendly stompbox features the usual complement of Level, Time, and Repeat control knobs and a delay time that can go from 25ms to 600ms. The JF-08 Digital Delay is built road-tough and comes with a true bypass function.

Brand: Kmise

Color: JF-08


  • Features a special filter circuit to closely reproduce the sounds of analog delay.
  • TIME: To adjust the delaying time;
  • REPEAT: To adjust the intensity of feedback signal;
  • LEVEL: To adjust the mixing ratio of delaying signal & original signal.
  • Package inclued: 1 * Effect Pedal

Publisher: JOYO


The Digital Delay from Joyo has the sound and easy interface of a classic slapback echo, but has the signal integrity and repeatability of a true digital delay (this really is a digital delay, but be advised, you won’t be able to enter 550 ms and have the pedal match that tempo digitally; instead learn to record settings). Use of delay takes a well-trained ear, but this pedal will allow you to start training yourself on the “edgy” art of Delay effects.

With this pedal you don’t need to worry about master settings (50, 200, 500 ms), but the sound is far from basic. With controls for TIME, REPEAT and LEVEL, it’s easy to dial in a sound you like and take it away! The switch is a stompbox style DPDT, with full bypass wiring so it won’t rob you of your precious tone when you go to click it off/on.

The real trick to using such a pedal as this is to get your system down for knowing where your settings were when you found the sound you like. Take a picture, or write down exactly where you had those knobs set or you’ll be sorry you didn’t take the time when you go to play it with a drummer and all of a sudden everything’s off! You too can have the sound of the pros with this digital delay JF-08 from JOYO!

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