Joyo Gate Of Kahn

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No pedalboard setup built around high-gain stompboxes is complete without a reliable noise gate. The JF-324 Gate of Kahn guitar effects edal from Joyo may be small but it fill this role admirably. Dial in the perfect Threshold setting to keep away unwanted buzzes, hums, and hisses from your guitar signal then go to town with your high-gain units. As one of Joyo’s Ironman pedals, the JF-324 Gate of Kahn is small enough to fit in your front pocket and features a flip cover for keeping your control dial settings safe.

Brand: JOYO

Color: Red


  • Input Impedance: 1M Ω, Output Impedance: 100 Ω
  • Running Current: 20mA, Power: DC 9V center –
  • Plug in 9v DC Adapter (not included)
  • JF-324 Gate of Kahn Noise Gate, NEW mini Guitar effects pedals from JOYO.

Publisher: Joyo Audio

Release Date: 18-06-2015

Details: The GATE OF KAHN is a noise gate that utilizes VCA technology. A new approach to gating results in a very quick response time. It responds very subtly to low input signals and therefore let’s your notes ring out naturally without cutting them off. Your original guitar sound gets preserved and the gate has very little influence on the actual sound. It acts as an invisible tool in the background that just cuts out the noise in between the notes without you even noticing that there ever was noise to begin with. The true Bypass makes sure the pedal becomes audibly invisible even when it is turned off.

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