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Mad Professor

The Mellow Yellow Tremolo guitar effects pedal from Mad Professor serves up everything from sine-based ‘50s style soft swing to deep tremolo tremors. It follows the trem effect approach of many vintage amps and uses a sinusoidal oscillator to give your guitar signal symmetrical modulation. What you get is a highly musical and very usable tremolo effect that works well with both a clean sound and high-gain dirt. Add it to your pedalboard and explore new sonic territories.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • Very sweet sine-wave tremolo
  • Has a build in (adjustable) boost, no more volume cut when you use your tremolo.
  • Vintage warm tremolo, do not mess your playing with hard rhythm from pedal.

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: This is a high quality tremolo pedal designed by Björn Juhl. Mellow Yellow Tremolo is a true sine wave tremolo effect. it gives tremolo tones from the 50’s type soft swing to deep modulation; great playability regardless of tremolo depth or speed. incoming signal strength is modulated by a sinusoidal oscil- just like in the early amps and modulation bias is set to give symmetrical modulation. You can place the Mellow Yellow Tremolo before or after distortion pedals but always after a com- pressor. lED pulsates to the pace of the internal oscillator. This is done for two reasons; to cut down power consumption and also to show the speed of the tremolo.

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