Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

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Mad Professor

Mad Professor’s Mighty Red Distortion guitar effects pedal lives up to its name. This hand-made and hand-wired stompbox is a high-gain masterpiece modeled after the well-loved compressed gain sounds rooted in the ‘80s. You get a good level of clarity and definition even at higher distortion levels. The Mighty Red Distortion uses low-noise amp stages and techniques instead of internal noise gate circuits, giving you a natural distortion decay and high gain levels with an impressive signal to noise ratio.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • Hand made in Finland. 80’s hard rock overdrive
  • Nice fat compression on tone
  • Unique Presence knob (just like on old Marshall amps)

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: The 80’s style compressed gain sound you have been longing for, now with low noise levels and high versatility! Its texture is adjusted to give clarity and define- at heavy distortion and its gain range allows also low gain and stacking with other pedals. You can further pre-drive MIGHTY RED (MRD) with an overdrive, (preferably the MP LGW), for extreme and highly focused sounds. To get the gain levels with their impressive signal to noise ratio, we didn’t use any noise gates or expanders, but special amplifier tech- and extreme low noise amplifier stages. Result is a natural decay and rather high cur- rent consumption for a distortion pedal. Press- control works with the upper treble, but not the upper midrange, so that you can get the exact treble you desire. Mad Professor MRD is easy and fun to play, you can master anything from fat sing- distortion to screaming cutting lead with this pedal, so why don’t you step into your spandex trousand plug in the Mighty Red Distortion Pedal!!

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