Maxon TBO-9 True Tube Booster/Overdrive

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The Maxon TBO-9 True Tube Booster/Overdrive employs a pre-tube configuration similar to the TOD-9. It includes the Dry Blend feature available in Maxon’s famed VOP-9 and OD820 overdrives. It consists of Boost, Drive, Level, and Tone knobs. The Boost control lets you adjust the tube gain level while the dual-purpose Drive knob increases saturation and blends clean signal and distorted sound. The TBO-9 combines overdrive and clean boost functionalities with a tube gain stage to give you a flexible tone-sculpting tool.

Brand: Maxon

Publisher: Godlyke Distributing

Release Date: 27-10-2009

Details: The TBO-9 True Tube Booster/OD utilizes the same “pre-tube” configuration as the TOD-9. However, the TBO-9 also features the Dry Blend feature found in Maxon’s popular OD820 and VOP-9 overdrives. The Drive Control has the dual function of increasing saturation and blending clean signal in against the distorted sound. At zero, the TBO-9 is passing pure clean tone, but this signal can be altered using the Gain and Tone controls of the pedal, effectively creating a tube preamp/booster. As Drive is increased, saturated signal is blended in against the clean tone, realizing a 50/50 mix at the 12 o’clock position. At fully clockwise position, the TBO-9 acts as a tube overdrive, much like the TOD-9. Using the TBO-9, a wide range of tube booster/overdrive tones can be achieved, all of them yielding the warm, organic tube tone that every guitarist craves.

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