Big Joe B-301 Tube

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Big Joe

A must-have for blues and rock guitarists, the Big Joe B-301 Tube guitar effects pedal is an overdrive pedal with a vintage tone profile reminiscent of a screaming tube amp. The Gain knob controls the level of overdrive while the mid-sensitive Tone knob improves signal clarity and tonal responsiveness to help your true tone shine through despite the amount of overdrive dirt you layer onto it. The Big Joe B-301 Tube pedal features true bypass switching.

Brand: Big Joe Stomp Box Company

Details: Big Joe Stomp Box Company B-301 Tube Overdrive This overdrive pedal features a screaming tube-amp tone profile typically associated with rock/blues guitar. It has Gain, Level and Tone controls. The Tone knob is mid-range sensitive which improves clarity and responsiveness and helps keep the sound from getting lost in the mix. Gain structure is responsive and transparent and designed to preserve dynamics of the input signal and avoid muddiness.

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