Mission Engineering VM-PRO

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Mission Engineering

Not your dime a dozen volume pedal, the VM-PRO by Mission Engineering is a multi-output, buffered, adjustable volume pedal that is ready for action. Imagine it as an excellent starting point for your signal chain. Suitable for your acoustic-electric guitar, bass, and electric guitar, you can set the VM-PRO’s input jack for active or passive instruments. The buffered output guarantees proper frequency response via your pedals and lengthy cable runs. The VM-PRO volume pedal can handle whatever rig you are running.

Brand: Mission Engineering

Color: Black


  • Flexible volume pedal for any musician”s rig
  • Internal controls let you adjust input jack for active or passive pickup, output impedance, and Sparkle switch to restore high end on long cable runs
  • TRS output jack feeds pedalboard and tuner through isolated signal paths
  • Pro-quality buffer/line driver for long signal runs
  • Durable, road-ready construction

Details: Not just another volume pedal, the Mission Engineering VM-PRO is a multi-output, buffered, tweakable volume pedal that’s ready for action. Think of the VM-PRO as the perfect starting point for you signal chain. Perfect for electric guitar, bass, and acoustic-electric guitars, the VM-PRO’s input jack can be set for passive or active instruments. The buffered output ensures proper frequency response through your pedals and long cable runs. No matter what kind of rig you’re running, the Mission Engineering VM-PRO volume pedal can handle it!

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