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The Wah-II Multimode pedal from budget guitar effects stomp company Joyo is essentially two pedals in one. You can use it as a straightforward wah pedal or as a hybrid wah and volume pedal. Side-mounted Quality (Q) and Range pots give you full control over the wah tone, letting you dial in everything from a tight, sharp attack to wide open funk. Right next to these pots is a minimum volume control that lets you set the heel-down level. A versatile and useful pedal that won’t take up too much pedalboard space.

Brand: JOYO


  • ● TrueBypass(for WAH-WAH mode only), with both WAH-WAH and VOLUME functions.
  • ● WAH-WAH frequency range: 6 are available.
  • ● It takes lesser space of the pedal board, lightweight and portable.
  • ●Its RM shielded inductance is specially designed for WAHWAH sound, which guarantees outstanding tone.
  • ● Active volume control circuit design ensures tone’s minimum signal loss and the signal intact.



●MULTIMODE WAH is a multifunctional WAH-WAH pedal, featuring both WAH-WAH and VOLUME functions.
● Easy to operate, with WAH-WAH / VOLUME and WAH-WAH / BYPASS toggle switch and minimum volume control knob.
●With a WAHWAH sound Q value knob, ensuring the sound changes from compact, sharp to mellow, wide style.
●Moreover, 6 WAH-WAH frequency ranges are available, you can choose different center frequencies to get diverse tones catering to various music styles.
●In VOLUME Control Mode, minimum volume control knob is one of its characteristics, by adjusting this knob you can obtain volume while toeing down the pedal completely. For example, you can turn down the volume a lot according to the needs of your performance, or just attenuate half of the volume. The feel for MULTIMODE WAH pedal is amazing and the range of motion is ergonomic.
●Besides, skidproof rubber cushion for the feet enhances durability, the bright LEDs on both sides indicate the pedal’s working status.


* WAH size: 16.2*7.3*5.3
*Package size: 17.5*8.2*5.8cm
* WAH weight: 440g
*Package weight: 510 g
* Power voltage: DC9V (center minus)
* Supply current: 18mA
* Input Jack: 6.35mm single channel Output
* Jack: 6.35mm single channel
* Input Impedance: 2.2M Ohme
* Output Impedance: 1000 Ohme

Package List: 

1 * WAH Pedal
1 * User Manual

EAN: 8435313440410

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