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Mojo Hand FX

The Crosstown Fuzz by Mojo Hand FX is a germanium and silicon hybrid Fuzz Face circuit delivering incredibly low noise operation, more flexibility, tonal control, and stability. The hand-picked combination of silicon and germanium transistors plus an internal bias control lets you sculpt the gain structure to your liking without stability concerns like overheating. You can hear every note loud and clear even at extreme settings, and when paired with your guitar’s volume control, the Crosstown Fuzz can yield pristine thick clean tones at virtually any setting.

Brand: Mojo Hand FX


  • Classic Fuzz Circuit with Germanium/Silicon Transistors
  • Internal Bias Control
  • EQ with GAIN, VOL, TONE, and BODY Controls
  • Extremely Low Noise Operation and True Bypass Switching
  • Powered By 9V Battery or AC Adapter (Not Included)

Details: The Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz is a germanium/silicon hybrid Fuzz F@ce circuit that provides you with more tonal control, more versatility, extremely low noise operation, and guaranteed stability. The hand-selected pairing of germanium and silcon transistors combined with an internal bias control gives you the ability to shape the gain structure of the Crosstown Fuzz to your own personal preference without any concern of stability issues such as overheating. You can hear each and every note loud and clear even at the most extreme settings, and when coupled with the volume control on your guitar, the Crosstown Fuzz can dish out pristine yet fat clean tones at nearly every setting. To tailor your sound with the utmost precision, the Crosstown Fuzz comes equipped with standard GAIN and VOLUME controls, and benefits from additional TONE and BODY controls to offer complete EQ control. Go from warm and creamy trebles to highs that are bright and sizzly at a simple turn of the full range TONE control knob. The BODY control allows you to either enhance or tame the wooly low end. Crank up the BODY for a rich, thick bass response, or roll back on it for a creamier, smoother tone. Whether your guitar employs single-coil pickups or humbuckers, this feature gives the Crosstown the ability to work equally well with both.The Crosstown Fuzz puts an expansive palette of sonic possibilities and colors right at your feet. Whether you seek to recreate the timeless tones of Trower or Hendrix, or want to create a signature sound all of your own, the Crosstown Fuzz puts an extensive variety of tone shaping capabilities at your disposal. Other features include True Bypass switching, super low noise operation, 9V DC jack, bright LED, and a high quality, roadworthy Die Cast enclosure. Pick the Crosstown Fuzz up today and ‘Experience’ the ultimate Fuzz F@ce. Power supply not included.Get your Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from S

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