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The Audiofile guitar effects pedal from budget stomp maker Mooer is an all-analog hi-fi headphone amplifier for your pedalboard. It’s basically a tiny amp that you can use to practice in peace while having complete access to every single pedal on your chain. Put it as the last pedal on your pedalboard, plug in a pair of headphones, activate the analog cab sim, and you’re good to go. You can even leave it connected when you’re playing live; you can either bypass the Audiofile or turn the cab sim off and use it as an always-on signal buffer/booster.

Brand: MOOER

Color: Black


  • Professional headphone amplifier, specifically designed for use with guitar and bass pedalboards Utilizes an analog Class A amplification circuit. Ensuring instrument and effects maintain purity, warmth and a high level of dynamics
  • Stereo and Mono inputs, stereo and mixed mono outputs
  • Optional built in analog speaker cabinet simulation
  • Doubles up as a signal boost/buffer when not being used for headphone amplification
  • True bypass means AUDIOFILE can become a permanent resident on your pedalboard even when not in use

Publisher: Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd

Details: AUDIOFILE is an all analog, hifi quality, pedalboard headphone amplifier.
This class A amplifier circuit will bring a smile to the faces of even the most disconcerting of audio addicts.
Hook up AUDIOFILE as the last unit in your signal chain and leave it there as a permanent resident on your board.

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