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The MTR2 Varimolo guitar effects pedal from budget pedal company Mooer is a versatile tremolo stomp that features three different effect modes accessible via a three-position toggle switch. Normal mode gives you a classic tremolo sound, Filter is an auto wah-flavored tremolo effect, and Variable mixes things up with some extra rhythmic variations. The MTR2 Varimolo is part of Mooer’s Micro series, so all of its great sound and features are packed into a very small and pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

Brand: MOOER

Color: Orange


  • High quality digital tremolo pedal with three different tremolo modes:
  • A wide range of adjustment options
  • Tiny size

Publisher: Mooer

Details: Varimolo Perhaps it is more appropriate to name it “psychedelic”. Yes, we are talking about the tremolo effect. From the hippies’ love and peace 60’s to the small pub blues and to the wild and unyielding Indie Rock, you can find its presence through countless classic albums.

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