MOOER Pedal Controller L6

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Mooer Audio

The L6 Pedal Controller works equally well whether you want to rein in over a dozen stompboxes or just want to control half that number of pedals without worrying about stray stomps. This switcher unit from budget stomp maker Mooer features two modes, Preset and Live. The former is for consummate shoegazers, giving you a total of 36 possible preset effect loop combos. The latter is more straightforward, with each footswitch simply engaging and disengaging its respective effect loop. The L6 comes packed with a tuner, too.

Brand: MOOER


  • 2 modes of operation live mode and play mode.
  • Recall up to 36 saved presets or operate in a traditional on/off method for each loop
  • 2 buffers available for activation.A pre-position(BUF-F) and a post-position buffer(BUF-B)
  • Large Backlit Display Panels for each loop
  • Dedicated MUTE footswitch,choice of built in or external tuner

Publisher: Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd

Details: With the PCL6, controlling your pedals has never been so easy and convenient.

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