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The TresCab lets you plug directly into a soundboard without sucking the life out of your tone. This speaker sim from budget guitar effects pedal maker Mooer even helps make your tone sound full by way of five different cab type sounds: small 1×8″ and 1×10″ combo amps, open 1×12″ and 2×12″ cabs, and a closed-back 4×12″ stack. You also get two additional modes for fine-tuning: EQ mode for sculpting high and low frequencies and Mic mode for adjusting the mic placement.

Brand: MOOER

Color: Red


  • 5 selectable boxes configurations
  • Low/dis. control adjusts the bass in the EQ mode
  • High/item control adjusts the treble in the EQ mode
  • Power via separate 9V DC power supply (not included)

Publisher: Mooer

Details: The Mooer TresCab is a great pedal to have in your arsenal for recording direct, or going straight into a soundboard and making your tone sound the way you envision it. The Trescab is a speaker cabinet simulator, offering five different combos. Choose from small 1×8″ and 1×10″ combo amplifier modes, open-back 1×12″ and 2×12″ modes, and a closed back stack 4×12″ mode. Select from two different modes to dial up your tone. EQ mode offers the flexibility of adjusting low and high end frequencies, or you can choose the Mic mode which adjusts the simulated placement of the mic. The Trescab is also ideal for home recording. This true bypass pedal features a diminutive construction which saves space on your pedal board.

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