Mooer Triangle Buff

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The Triangle Buff is Mooer’s pedalboard- and budget-friendly take on the EHX Triangle Muff fuzz guitar effects pedal design. It packs a fuzz tone wallop that comes across as more clear and dynamically responsive than even the venerable Big Muff. Whether you want your fuzz thick and creamy or aggressively grainy, the Triangle Buff is versatile enough to conform to your ideal fuzz sound thanks to an intuitive and full-featured control knob layout that belies its tiny frame.

Brand: MOOER

Color: Silver


  • Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound, very nice fuzz tone
  • Full metal shell
  • Very small and exquisite
  • True bypass

Publisher: KMC Music Inc

Release Date: 30-10-2014

Details: Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound, very nice fuzz tone. Full metal shell. Very small and exquisite. True bypass.

EAN: 6943206790228

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