MXR ’75 Vintage Phase 45

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The MXR Custom Shop’s ’75 Vintage Phase 45 reissue recreates the Phase 90’s elusive little brother to exacting details. Featuring two stages of phasing, the Phase 45 serves up its musical and subtle voice through a hand-wired circuit board and hand-matched FETs. Authentic tried-and-trusted components and hardware, including CTS pot, Switchcraft jacks, and a Carling switch. The limited-edition ’75 Vintage Phase 45 allows you to texture your tone sans overpowering your sound. It is suitable for far-out rhythms and groovy solos.


Color: Red


  • Period-style Reissue Phase-effect Stompbox with Vintage-correct Circuitry CSP105

Publisher: Dunlop

Release Date: 03-10-2010

Details: Everyone’s heard of (and heard) the MXR Phase 90, but have you ever experienced the sweet subtlety of the MXR Phase 45? With this MXR Custom Shop ’75 Vintage Phase 45 guitar stompbox effect, you get to go on your own romp back to the days of psychedelic tone, when hip new guitarists were starting to rock out with a new wave of effects pedals. Perfect for groovy solos and far-out rhythms, the Custom Shop ’75 Vintage Phase 45 is totally funky. No phony jive here like an LED or an external DC power switch – this out-of-site pedal is absolutely mint! It’s even got hand-wired circuit harness with matching FETs, a Carling switch, and a CTS pot – just like the real deal!

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