MXR Super Comp

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Taking the legendary Dyna Comp even further, the MXR Super Comp compressor delivers an invisible boost to intricate licks, giving life to your sound and allowing you to lock in like never before. With the Sensitivity and Output knobs, you can dial in the ideal setting to keep your parts in place. The new Attack Level knob retains your original volume without compromising sustain. It guarantees that initial bite and chunk are not squashed, so you can run searing pickups and hear your dynamics.

Brand: MXR

Color: Black


  • An update of the legendary Dyna Comp
  • Attack Level control preserves initial volume without sacrificing sustain
  • The ultimate source for the “Nashville” sound
  • Power: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery
  • Invisible boost to intricate licks
  • Juice up your sound
  • Dial in the perfect setting
  • New attack level control

Publisher: Dunlop

Release Date: 19-05-2008

Details: The MXR Super Comp takes the original Dyna Comp (a legend with guitarists worldwide) even further. The MXR Super Comp provides an invisible boost to intricate licks, juicing up your sound, and helping you ‘lock in’ like never before. Output and Sensitivity knobs let you dial in the perfect setting to keep your parts where they belong in the mix. The new Attack level control ensures that initial bite and chunk are never squashed so you can run the hottest pickups ands still hear your dynamics – yeah! Create the tight, percussive guitar sound that drives thousands of pop & country hits or add endless, tone-sweetening sustain to your leads. MXR M132 Super Compressor Controls Footswitch toggles Effect On/Bypass Output knob sets compressed (attenuated) output level Attack Level knob sets the attack attenuation level (highest attack level is minimum attack attenuation) Sensitivity knob sets the compression ratio (highest sensitivity is maximum compression)

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