NUX Metal Core

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Plenty of bottom and aggressive high make the NUX Metal Core perfect for hardcore players. It is controllable using the Gain, Level, Treble, and Bass knobs. Bass and high controls your tone effortlessly. The Metal Core boasts two voice of metal sound. Voice 1 and voice 2 contain significant difference from old school to contemporary thrash metal. The Metal Core also features a two-band EQ, next-generation 32-bit DSP, high-performance 24-bit, tone lock functionality and a single preset save or recall.

Brand: NUX


  • 2 voice of metal sound.
  • 2-Band EQ.
  • Tone Lock function and one preset save/recall.
  • New generation 32-bit DSP, high performance 24-bit
  • 44.1 kHz AD/DA convert.

Publisher: EverTrust

Details: A tons of bottom and aggressive high make Metal Core is suitable a hardcore player! Bass and high controls the tone very easily. Voice1 and voice 2 have big different from old school to a modern thresh metal!

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