Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2

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Origin Effects

The revamped SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2 by Origin Effects adds more levels of adjustability to the SlideRIG design. With a single knob, you can simultaneously set the response of each compression stage, altering the initial transient of every note from percussive and glassy at one extreme to uniform and smooth at the other. The control’s range has been meticulously tuned to prevent any unwanted distortion artifact and optimize signal-to-noise ratio, so you don’t have to be a studio technician to achieve exceptional dual-compressor tones.

Brand: Origin Effects


  • Master: Signal level of the pedal’s output
  • Dry: Unprocessed signal level
  • In: Preamp / compression level of both stages
  • Stage 2: Sustain-rich, dual-chained compression level
  • Stage 1: Traditional, studio-style compression level

Details: The awesome dual-chained compression and limitless clean sustain of its predecessor with added control over attack and release times. Daisy-chaining a pair of outboard compressors together is an old studio trick made famous by Lowell George of Little Feat, who achieved his legendary, endlessly sustaining slide guitar sound by recording straight into the desk via first one Urei 1176 and then another. This was the inspiration behind the original SlideRIG, as used by everyone from David Gilmour to Joey Landreth. The updated SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2 brings additional levels of adjustability to the SlideRIG design, with one knob, users can simultaneously adjust the response of both compression stages, changing the initial transient of each note from glassy and percussive at one extreme (slow attack, fast release) to smooth and uniform at the other (fast attack, slow release). The range of this control has been carefully tuned to optimise signal-to-noise ration and avoid any undesirable distortion artefacts, even at extreme levels of compression, so you don’t need to be a studio technician to dial in killer dual-compressor tones. 

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