Strymon BlueSky

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The BlueSky Reverberator from Strymon brings virtually any reverb sound you will ever need for the studio and stage in pedal format: subtle room ambience, spanky tube-amp springs, and lush studio plates, each with controls for easy tweaks. Standard mix, decay, and damping controls will have you achieving your preferred reverb sounds in a flash. If you want more advanced textures, the Modulation mode allows you to color your reverbs with mild tonal movement while Shimmer mode provides infinite sustain to your chords and leads.

Brand: Strymo


  • MODE selector switch mounted: Three different reverb mode (normal, mod, shimmer)
  • TYPE selector switch mounted: three different reverb types (plate, room, spring)

Publisher: Strymon

Details: ■ The new brand products that are of interest in the world “Strymon” Strymon (stripe Mont) is a brand of the United States of effector manufacturer Damage Control has started new. It is shallow brand of sold history from 2009, high product of Strymon performance has been evaluated guitarist around the world. Now, effector of Strymon has become a product to produce a good music among the Damage Control of the product that has been dealt with effector for guitar or bass equipped with a brand vacuum tube. Limit of the production method and the music of the technology has been successful in creating a high sound quality and sound. As a result, Strymon are now well known in the music world as a new brand.

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