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The Koji Comp pedal from Suhr is a flexible analog compressor configured to provide you with an abundance of modern and vintage style compression effects sans sacrificing your tone. With a flick of the Voice switch or simple roll of the Mix knob, you can conveniently yield an infinite range of compression effects. Whether you dial in warm, squishy tones to visit Country and R&B territory or select mild, transparent compression to smooth out your rhythms, the Koji Comp could be the last compressor you will need.

Brand: Suhr


Analog Compression, No Compromises


The Koji Comp is a versatile analog compressor, designed to offer a wealth of vintage and modern style compression effects without compromising your tone.

Complete Transparency Or Vintage Warmth, It’s Up To You


With a simple twist of the Mix control, or flick of Koji’s Voice switch, you can easily create a limitless range of compression effects. Whether you choose subtle, transparent compression for smoothing out your rhythms, or dial in warm and squishy tones to take you into R&B and Country territory -the Koji Comp is possibly the last compressor you will ever need.

Need a Boost?

No problem, turning Koji’s Mix control fully counterclockwise offers +14dB of transparent clean boost -which is ideal when you need to push the front end of your tube amplifier into mild overdrive.

Designed with a unique parallel signal path and built with precision quality components, the Koji Comp delivers unmatched dynamic range, transparency and performance.

Whether you’re a working musician, studio rat, or playing large arenas the Koji Comp’s rock solid aluminum enclosure and heavy duty footswitch ensures a lifetime of reliable performance.

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