Suhr Shiba Drive

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The Shiba Drive from Suhr is a smooth-sounding overdrive pedal with a pronounced midrange character that guarantees your tone slices through the mix. It gives you an extensive range of thick rhythm and warm lead tones. It works well with clean amps for a bluesy overdrive tone as well as an overdriven amp to drive to next gear. The Shiba Drive is extremely popular among those who want an overdrive pedal which can be utilized with both their amp’s overdrive and clean channels.

Brand: John Suhr

Color: Blue


  • No Harshness or Flubbiness
  • Slight Midrange Hump

Publisher: Suhr

Details: The Shiba Drive is a smooth sounding overdrive pedal that will work great with clean amps for a bluesy overdrive tone or with an already overdriven amp to kick it to next gear. Some players even like to use pedals of this class with a heavily overdriven amp for additional sustain and compression. Whatever the application, the Shiba Drive will shine and give you the performance you seek from a high quality overdrive pedal.

There is no harshness or flubbiness in the Shiba Drive’s sonic character whatsoever. There is a slight midrange hump that helps you cut through the mix, but the sonic integrity of your guitar and pickups comes through loud and clear. The tone is musical and balanced with firm lows, punchy mids with just the right amount of cut, and sweet silky highs. The Shiba Drive can purr, sing, growl or scream depending on the amp’s setup and the amount of signal you’re feeding it from your guitar and pickups. Combine the Shiba with the Koko with a single-channel tube amp for an extremely versatile rig. Like all of our products, what you put into this pedal is what you’ll get out of it. The Shiba Drive begs you to stomp on it and produce some righteous tones.

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