T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

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While delay and reverb pedals produce time and space effects, and distortion and overdrive pedals provide you with that great dirty edge, a phase shifter gives your sound a dynamic undulating dimension. The Phaser from T-Rex Engineering delivers anything you need for a dramatic phased sound with two simple controls: Depth and Rate. The T-Rex Phaser sounds fabulous regardless of your preferred setting, from a light watery shimmer to a deep, slow rotation. It carries a toggle switch that lets you choose between Vintage and Modern modes.

Brand: T-Rex


  • Modern and Vintage modes
  • Rate and Depth Controls
  • Tones from deep, slow rotation to shimmering “watery” effects
  • Part of the new Tonebug series
  • T-REX tone at a very affordable price

Publisher: MusicQuip

Release Date: 01-08-2010

Details: Where overdrive and distortion pedals give you that great dirty edge, and reverb and delay pedals create time and space effects, a phase shifter adds a dynamic undulating dimension to your sound. the t-rex phaser gives you everything you need for a dramatic phased sound using two simple controls; rate and depth. this pedal sounds great no matter which setting you choose…from a deep, slow rotation to a light “watery” shimmer

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