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TWA - Totally Wycked Audio

Totally Wycked Audio’s Hot Sake overdrive’s elegantly transparent drive tone ostensibly takes its cues from vintage Japanese drive stomps, but everything else about this pedal is full-on modern. It packs a ton of tone-shaping power that belies its size and prize, with four controls dedicated entirely to tweaking your tone’s EQ: Tone and Mids mini pots, a toggle that lets you engage Low Boost mode, and an internal slider that lets you set either a 60Hz or 100Hz filter for the Low Boost.

Brand: TWA


  • DRIVE – Controls the amount of gain/drive/distortion. Turn clockwise for more saturation.
  • LEVEL – Controls output volume when the pedal is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase volume.
  • TONE – A classic Low Boost/Hi Boost tone control. Turn CCW for more Lows, turn CW for more Highs.
  • MIDS – Variable midrange boost acts independently of the TONE control. Turn clockwise for more midrange boost.
  • LB SWITCH – Switches between standard setting and setting with increased low-end response. Set switch to “UP” position for low-boost.

Details: Brewed to perfection, TWA Hot SakéTM will torch your taste buds and impart an intense body-buzz of tonal intoxication! TWA has harvested a selection of the finest vintage Japanese Distortion pedals and blended them with a batch of premium modern ingredients to create Hot SakéTM’s unique, full-bodied bouquet.

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