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Clean boost pedals don’t get more boutique than the Vemuram Budi Boost. Use it to push your amp’s front end and make your solos soar to the top of the mix or keep it always on to give your overall guitar sound some extra juice. You can cut or boost your bass and treble frequencies using the Budi’s dedicated Bass and Treble mini pots and use the Level control to either match your amp’s volume or to cut through the mix.

Brand: Vemuram

Details: Prymaxe Pedal Bundle! In addition to receiving the item below, you will also receive: (2) Hosa patch cables, (1) Pig Hog 9V Power Supply, (1) StageTrix Setting Saver pen, and (1) StageTrix Pedal Fastener 3-Pack

Vemuram Budi Boost The Vemuram Budi is a clean natural boost pedal which allows you to obtain the best match with your equipment. Depending on the guitar and amp, adjust the Min-Vol(Minimum Volume) trimmer equally to your amp. (Set the BOOST knob to 0, align the EQ knobs and the output level control to its center position) Then, adjust the BOOST knob, the EQ knobs, and the output level control to obtain your specific sound. Vemuram Budi Boost Features: Controls: Boost, Bass, Level, Treble Switches: On/Off Terminal: Input, output Power 9v Battery or 9v regulated AC/DC adapter Size: 70mm(w)x112mm(d)x50mm(h) Weight: 425g

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