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The Hypocenter Delay by Vick Audio is built around Princeton Technologies’ PT2399 chip. Though digitally based, the chip is usually utilized to simulate the sound of vintage analog-based delays. That delay will work equally great with a distortion unit before/after it in the pedal chain or a clean guitar signal. The Hypocenter Delay consists of controls for Repeats, Mix, Delay, and Volume. It can deliver up to 450ms delay time with an incredibly low noise distortion and repeats from one repeat to endless repeats.

Brand: Vick Audio

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Vick Audio Hypocenter Delay Delay effects have been used since before the electric guitar was invented.  The first delay effects (line delay) were made by radio stations sending their signal over hundreds of miles of copper telephone wire and mixing that signal in with the original dry signal to enhance the quality of their audio broadcast.  Things got a lot easier since then with magnetic tape based delays, Oil can delays and finally the invention of solid state delay chips such as the MN3001 Bucket Brigade chips of the mid 70’s.

The Hypocenter Delay is built around the PT2399 chip by Princeton Technologies.  This chip though digitally based is often used to emulate the sound of older analog based delays.  This delay will work equally well with a clean guitar signal or with a distortion unit before or after it in the pedal chain.   The Hypocenter Delay is capable of providing a delay time from 25ms all the way to 450ms with a very low noise distortion (THD

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