Vick Audio Tree of Life

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Vick Audio

The goal was to build a pedal that captures the best of two marvelous overdrive pedals, the Zen and the OCD version 3. At lower gain setting, the Vick Audio Tree Of Life achieves the dynamic, touch-sensitive, Zen-esque tones that work great with virtually any music style. Transfer to a higher gain setting and the Tree Of Life delivers an OCD-like, responsive, fat overdriven sound. The pedal comes in a powder-coated enclosure with controls for Tone, Gain, and Level.

Brand: Vick Audio

Color: Black


  • 3PDT True Bypass switch
  • Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA
  • High Quality US made PCB construction
  • Neutrik Audio Jacks
  • Powder Coated Enclosure

Details: Vick Audio’s goal was to create a pedal that captured the best parts of two of my favorite overdrive pedals, the OCD version 3 and the Zen. At the lower gain setting the Tree Of Life captures the dynamic, touch sensitive, Zen like tones that will work well with almost any style of music. Move to the higher gain setting and this pedal moves into an OCD style responsive, thick overdriven sound. The mosfet semiconductors and the Bat41 diodes used for the clipping section of this circuit give you harmonically rich overtones no matter where you have the gain set. New to Version 2: Davies style black knobs replaced with MXR style white knobs

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