Xvive V13 Mini DI

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The Mini DI direct input box from budget guitar effects pedal creator Xvive is the exact tool you need for plugging your guitar or bass directly into mixer or a club’s PA system. It’s designed to have ultra-low distortion so your core tone doesn’t get discolored, plus it has a built in cab sim that you can engage via an on/off switch. It also lets you boost or cut your signal’s gain by 20dB either way and comes with a ground lift function as well as balanced and ¼ unbalanced XLR outputs.

Brand: Xvive


  • Ultra low distortion, send bass or guitar signal directly to audio system
  • XLR balanced or ¼ unbalanced output
  • -20db/0/+20db gain settings
  • Power: 9V DC and center (-) 12mA AC adapter

Publisher: XVive

Details: XVIVE’s V13 MINI DI Direct Box provides you with ultra-low distortion in a durable, all-metal micro pedal package. Send bass or guitar signal directly to audio system via its XLR balanced or ¼ unbalanced output. The simple, easy-to-use design features an on/off cabinet simulator switch, ground lift function, and -20db/0/+20db gain settings.

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