Xvive V9 Lemon Squeezer

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The Lemon Squeezer all analog compressor from budget guitar effects pedal maker Xvive delivers low distortion compression with excellent tonal quality and enhanced sustains. Long story short, it makes your clean tone sound even better than ever and your single notes ring out longer. A simple control structure consisting of Volume, Threshold, and Compression Blend pots make dialing in your personal compression settings easy peasy lemon squeezy. Its small size makes it ideal for crowded and go-bag style pedalboards, but that also means you need a compatible DC power supply to get this pedal going.

Brand: Xvive


  • True bypass; volume/threshold/compression-blend control
  • Analog design; compact and rugged metal housing
  • Connectors: 1/4 input jack, 1/4 output jack
  • Power: 9V DC and center (-) 40mA

Publisher: XVive

Details: XVIVE’s V9 lemon squeezer is a 100% analog compressor that provides you with low distortion for excellent tone quality and increased sustain of instrument notes and chords. When it compresses a dynamic range, all signals at threshold are kept at same volume. This micro pedal package features durable, all-metal housing.

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