Zoom FS01 Footswitch

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If you are seeking more command on stage, you have to check out the FS01 footswitch from Zoom. It works with a variety of Zoom multi-effects products, including the RFX2000, RT123, RT323, RT234, MRS1044, and many more. You can utilize the FS01 to move conveniently between controls on your different effects pedals, including effects patches on Zoom Fire amps, Bank Up on Zoom’s 500 Series multi-effect units, and other parameter functions on different devices, contingent on the pedal.

Brand: Zoom


  • Switching Type: Unlatch and Normally Closed

Platform: Not Machine Specific

Publisher: Samson

Release Date: 01-08-2009

Details: Zoom

If you’re looking for more control on stage, look no further than the Zoom FS01 footswitch. The Zoom FS01 Footswitch works with many Zoom multi-effects products, including the 503, 504, 505, 506 ,507, 508, 509, 510, RT323, RT123, RT234, RFX2000, 2020, 3030, 4040, 1202, MRS1044, 4040, 9120 and many other Zoom products.

Zoom FS01 Footswitch Compatible with many Zoom multi-effects products A Huge Variety of Uses

The FS01 footswitch can be used to switch easily between controls on your various effects pedals, including Bank Up on Zoom’s 500 Series multi-effect units, effects patches on Zoom Fire amplifiers, and a variety of other parameter functions on other devices, depending on the pedal.

Use the FS01 with Zoom multi-effect consoles to switch on the Edit mode and use the unit’s pedals to turn individual effects on and off during programming. Or use connected to the Zoom RT323 drum machine during live sets, with the ability to trigger drum patterns easily with your foot. You can also use the FS01 to start or stop a given drum pattern, perform tap input to set the tempo, trigger the bass drum sounds, switch between hi-hat open/close, and much more.

About Samson

Samson Technologies began in 1980 designing wireless microphone systems. Today, Samson is an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio with three notable brands: Samson, Hartke and Zoom. Over 250 products are sold and distributed in over 130 countries around the world. In 1980, Samson introduced their first

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