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Noise gates are infinitely useful, but gating becomes a lot more challenging when you’re facing a pedalboard full of sonically complex effects such as fuzz boxes and delay stomps. The Loop Gate is boutique guitar effects company Zvex’s answer to that conundrum. It acts as a loop switch with an excellent built-in high headroom noise gate with zero distortion and hiss. You can switch effects loops in and out at will, plus you can even crossfade them using the Mix knob and deliver tremolo-style effects in Chop mode.

Brand: Zvex


  • Loop switch with built-in audio gateCross-fade mix optionCreates tremolo-like sounds with “chop” mode

Publisher: ZVex

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ZVEX Effects Loop Gate Gating very complex sounds like fuzz and delay is always a challenge. The Loop Gate provides a loop switch with a built-in perfect audio gate (high headroom, no distortion, no hiss) that lets you set up a loop of pedals you can switch in and out of your signal path at will, but you have a couple of really fun options to control that loop that include a cross-fade mix option as well as creating tremolo-like sounds with chop mode. The beauty of introducing a loop into a noise gate is that the device looks at your guitar signal to see when you want to gate. It doesnt even bother to look at the output from your loop of pedals… that is way too noisy to study. Its much better to look at the incoming guitar signal to see whats up, and thats just what the Loop Gate does. The guitarist can have all sorts of crazy things happening in the loop without worrying that all of that sonic madness will trigger the gate. ZVEX Effect Loop Gate Features: True Bypass Gate Stomp Switch 9V Battery

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