Zvex Nano Head

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The Nano Head is a palm-sized one-half watt guitar tube amp head that packs a surprising amount of roaring tube power extremely disproportionate to its size. The Nano Head even comes with its own 230V DC high voltage power supply unit to give you that signature high voltage tube crunch. It also features Bright, Thickness, and Mellow toggle switches for sculpting your tone. Connect it to any 8 to 16 ohm cabinet and start cranking out classic rock cleans and crunch.

Brand: Zvex


  • Bright switch: Brighter to the right. Has more effect at lower volumes, like a Fender bright switch.
  • Volume: Adjusts from quite clean to very crunchy/dirty.
  • Thickness: Positions are Normal, Thin, and Fat. As you use more gain, you may wish to thin out the signal. The fat setting is best for clean shivery tones and overblown bass fuzz.
  • Mellow control: Positions are Mellow 2/Normal/Mellow 1. Use it to roll off treble if needed after first distortion stage. Mellow 2 is mellower, naturally, and Normal is brightest.

Details: The Nano Head by Z.Vex Amps is a one-half watt (distorted) powerhouse that will surprise you with its apparent volume. Plug it into a 4×12 (or any 8 to 16 ohm speaker) and listen to it roar! This amp is voiced to deliver classic rock tone, with a very high level of crunch available if it’s wanted. Just crank the volume knob around to the level of distortion you desire, from a very quiet (one tenth watt) clean mode to a micro-Marshall blast when cranked up. It does a great job of emulating big amps at very reasonable volumes, which makes it exceptionally nice for recording. Because this item is hand painted, the product you receive may not be exactly the same as pictured.

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