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The Vextron Distortion is boutique guitar effects pedal company Zvex’s offering to those who want a Box of Rock but don’t quite have the budget for it. Like its more expensive sibling, the Distortion captures the roaring sound of an overdriven 1966 Marshall JTM45 with all the knobs cranked up to 10. The DIstortion’s dirt tone is very dynamic and sensitive; you can use your guitar’s volume knob to adjust the exact amount of dirt you want layered ont your signal, from a subtle dusting to full-on crunch mode.

Brand: ZVEX Effects


  • Works well in combination with other distortion pedals
  • DC power jack on side of unit uses standard Boss configuration (with center negative)
  • LED light indicates when unit is operational and when battery is low
  • Gain switch: “Lo/Hi” switch lets you choose the standard “Box of Rock” gain level or a slightly boosted level
  • Subs switch: ‘2-1-3’ switch lets you choose the standard “Box of Rock” sub amount (on option 3) or two different lower levels of subs, depending on your amp’s needs

Details: The ZVex Distortron guitar pedal is the gifted little sister of ZVex’s ‘Box of Rock’ stompbox. ZVex designed the Distortron distortion effect to simulate the ‘everything on 10’ sound of a classic Marshall JTM45 non-master-volume amplifier. With the Distortron pedal your guitar’s volume control adjusts for the exact amount of distortion needed-all the way down to the clean and clear sounds you can get with most drive settings when the gain switch is set to low.

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