Carl Martin DC Drive Overdrive

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Carl Martin

Carl Martin’s DC Drive lets you enjoy two distinct overdrives in a single pedal. This simple yet highly versatile pedal consists of Drive, Tone, and Level knobs plus a Reg/Fat switch. The Reg setting gives you a standard overdrive sound that is super quiet and does not color your tone. You may crank it right up to full saturation or merely add an edge to your sound. Meanwhile, the darker, more modern Fat setting delivers so much more—more sustain, natural compression, bass, mids, and drive!

Brand: Carl Martin


  • Vintage overdrive with Reg / Fat switch.
  • Two distinct overdrives in one pedal!
  • Top mounted jacks.
  • Dimensions: 4.33″ x 2.36″ x 1.97″.
  • Power: 9V DC (200mA).

Details: Two distinct overdrives in one pedal! Super simple but extremely versatile, the DC Drive features Level, Tone and Drive controls which do the obvious, but it also has the Reg/Fat switch. This is where the magic begins! In the Reg setting you get a traditional overdrive sound that is very quiet and adds no color to your tone. Dial in just enough to add an edge to your sound or crank it right up to full saturation: the DC Drive is super musical. Now switch over to the Fat setting and get more, much more! There’s more drive, more mids, more bass, more natural compression and more sustain. The Fat setting is darker, and more modern. You get two distinct drives in one pedal! Check out the new look DC Drive: cool, anodized, smaller footprint, die cast case, top mounted input, output and 9V jacks. The pedal to run at 12V internally (this means better parts and better sound), all while being powered by a standard 9V power supply! Bigger sound, bigger tone, all analog, all Carl Martin!

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