Danelectro BP-1 Pride of Texas

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Plug a Strat into the Danelectro BP-1 Pride of Texas guitar effect pedal, and you can easily make your best SRV impression at the drop of a Plateau hat. Blueshounds will appreciate the mid-heavy, grunty bite and focus that the BP-1 adds to a guitar’s sound. This highly responsive mid-gain drive pedal also excels at highlighting picking dynamics when playing fingerstyle with a slide, while dedicated Treble and Bass knobs give you precise control over your tone’s top and bottom ends.

Brand: Danelectro

Color: Burgundy


  • True bypass switching
  • Die Cast case
  • Hand sprayed classic car finish

Details: Danelectro billionaire BP-1 pride of Texas effect pedal Aces the bluesy tone of one of the greatest players ever to walk the earth. Fattens up signal without loss of clarity or voice. Adds push and fatness to single coil or humbuckers. Plenty of boost For crunch rhythm or solos. If you could take only one pedal into the studio to record your dream tune, make sure it is this one. True bypass switching die cast case hand sprayed classic car finish.

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